Trentino’s Itineraries

A mosaic of uniqueness to discover!



Over time Trentino has found its own original development route, capable of combining business and the environment, respect for traditions and modernity. The traces of this choice, straddling ethics and business, are clear in the culture and disseminated throughout the whole area, characterised by the typical Dolomitic scenery.

The mountains, for example, once represented an area hostile to man: today this is no longer the case, because the mountains and valleys have allowed the development of tourism and mountain agriculture. It is precisely respect for the area that characterises the tourist itineraries promoted by Trentino during Expo Milano 2015.

The itineraries will start from the two large Concept Stores situated in Palazzo delle Albere in Trento, near the Muse – which will host an event dedicated to biodiversity, and the spaces of the Mart in Rovereto. Exploration and workshops, hospitality, inns and guesthouses, guided visits and tasting: these are the keywords that will accompany visitors on a journey exploring the biodiversity and extraordinary environmental complexity of Trentino, an authentic land with a range of excellence.

The history and morphology of the area, with the UNESCO Dolomites Geological Park

Fototeca Trentino Sviluppo S.p.A. - Foto di Daniele Lira, Dolomiti di Brenta

Alpine flora and fauna, exploring Trentino’s nature parks

Mountain agriculture, exploring Trentino’s nature parks

The apple orchards and castles of Trentino, the historic memory of the area

Mountain bubbly, an itinerary exploring Trentodoc Spumante producers

Mediterranean Trentino and its olive groves

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