Trentino in Expo

An opportunity for Trentino’s system

Michele Dallapiccola

Starting from 1 May, Italy and Milan will once again be at the centre of the world. Expo 2015 will be the World Fair with the largest number of participating countries since the start of this kind of event more than a century and a half ago. Expo 2015 represents a major opportunity for our country, a driving force for our economy and a challenge at international level. Trentino has decided to play an active and fundamental role in the initiative, seizing an important chance to improve our ability to exchange ideas with the rest of the world and to raise awareness and export our areas of excellence.

The role of coordinating Trentino’s participatory project, assigned to me by the Provincial Council, also means making Trentino companies and the world of provincial agriculture understand the opportunities offered by Expo: the World Fair will have very high visibility over the course  of the 14 weeks the Trentino economic system is physically present at the Expo in Milan.

The efforts that the Autonomous Province of Trento is making in order to guarantee an adequate position and representation in Milan are linked precisely to the objective of giving visibility and concrete opportunities to the many companies and operators that have made Trentino a model of good practice for agricultural and area development at international level.

If the question asked by Expo Milano is: “Is it possible to guarantee the whole world good, healthy, adequate and sustainable food?”, I believe that the Trentino system is capable of providing a suitable answer on a local basis. This starts from an awareness that Trentino, like many other areas, and more than many, has succeeded in creating its own particular route towards economic and agricultural development over time, based on distinctive and particularly effective solutions and organisational models, capable of responding to the major difficulties linked to living and working in the mountains, thus creating area value and economic development.

This will represent the basis of our visiting card at Expo 2015, with the objective of transforming this occasion into a strategy for the marketing and international development of Trentino, using the World Fair to rapidly accelerate innovative promotional actions carried out jointly by the main provincial cultural, tourist and economic players, in order to increase our visibility on the most interesting foreign markets, both in terms of tourism and the internationalisation of the provincial economic system and Trentino businesses in the food and agriculture sector.

Michele Dallapiccola

Councillor for Agriculture, Forests, Tourism and Promotion, Hunting and Fishing

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