The authentic emotions of Trentino

10-16 July 2015

Convivio: when a space becomes a major opportunity to communicate.
Trentino becomes a protagonist in the Italian Pavilion with Convivio.
The space is characterised by three main areas:

  • presentation, where Trentino will welcome visitors
  • the story, a programme to watch and listen, immersing and enjoying oneself, giving one’s imagination free rein
  • closer examination, learning and understanding, dreaming and surprising oneself


The displays accompany the visitor on a journey through the Trentino area, discovering its tourist sites, natural and cultural peculiarities and its excellence in the field of food and wine and science and technology.


The visitor to Convivio will be enraptured by an unknown Trentino.
In the space of a story, he can relax and enjoy a moment of Trentino magic, fascinated by the images of an animated video.
The relaxation area is a regenerative corner of peace offered by Trentino, with the creation of a small wood made up of sawn off trunks and undergrowth with the aroma of pine and soft lighting.
The tables projecting into the space offer the chance to experience and taste Trentino in four evocative atmospheres.


Zirele, typical sweets that seem to come from a book of old recipes, will accompany the visitor to the Convivio for the rest of his journey to Expo: a concentration of pure energy that expresses the flavours of nature in Trentino!

Trentino. Feeds the heart


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