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Dolomiti, Biodiversity and Innovation

“Feeding the planet: energy for life” is the theme of Expo 2015 in Milan, an edition focusing on human history through two aspects of food production, related to the promotion of cultural traditions and the search for new technological applications. Trentino accepts this challenge, aware that it can boast valuable and distinctive features in line with the new significance that the World Fair has gradually taken on over time. The first of these is the Dolomites, recently recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, representing an international tourist destination and a natural area maintaining the typical diversity of the alpine area. Trentino is also renowned for research, considered to be a driving force for innovation and the competitiveness of the area, and naturally for the products of the land, ambassadors for Trentino at Expo 2015.


Gastronomic and oenological delicacies can be found in every valley of Trentino, telling tales of true passion, but also of effort, dedication and hard labour, respecting traditional farming and animal husbandry practices. They are the gastronomic “soul” of this area, which stretches from the lakes to the mountains and from the Mediterranean to the Alpine climate. Cultivation of olives and alpine pasture take place alongside one another and interweave. The area has a wealth of watercourses, forests and meadows, but also warmer, Mediterranean environments, where different kinds of products can be found. It is an authentic land, where safeguarding biodiversity and protecting the natural environment have become a factor in development that also improves the quality of life for those who live there in a stable manner or spend their holidays there; an experience to be tried in a unique setting, with 60% of the provincial surface area being covered by forests and 30% subject to protection, while agriculture pursues the objective of sustainability, guaranteeing the quality of the products and rural environments.


The excellence and origin of food and agricultural products from Trentino are certified first of all by the “Qualità Trentino” trademark and by other certification marks guaranteeing the authenticity and healthiness of environments and cultivation and working processes. The DOP mark, Designation of Protected Origin, has been assigned to the Golden Delicious, Renetta and Red Delicious varieties of apples from the Val di Non, plums from Dro, Trentingrana, Spressa from the Giudicarie and Puzzone from Moena cheeses and Trentino Garda extra virgin olive oil, while the IGP mark has been given to trout and Arctic char. There are also a wealth of local products recognised as “Slow Food Ark of Taste” foods: cheeses such as Casolèt, Vézzena, or from mountain dairies in the Lagorai mountains; Botìro del Primiero, butter produced in the alpine pastures of south-eastern Trentino; Ciuìga, a cured meat typical of the Banale area, Vino Santo Trentino and Tyrolean grey cattle. The Slow Food Ark of Taste also includes the Pezzata mochena species of goat and the variety of chicory known as ‘radicchio dell’orso’. This is the Trentino that we would like to publicise through Expo 2015, at the same time grasping the opportunities offered by this major showcase to further encourage internationalisation of the economic and agricultural sector and local businesses.

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