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In Expo 2015:
2 – 8 / 10

ASTRO trouts are born in the pure, fresh and well-oxygenated waters of the dolomitic glaciers of Trentino.

Fresh and pure above all: the water of the Dolomites is vital and uncontaminated, ideal for Alpine fish, including farmed fish. It is in this habitat that our trouts are bred: in living waters, which about seventy breeding plants have transformed into modern fish farms. Breeding ponds are wide, like small equipped lakes: with 38 Ha of water surface, the pisciculture here has really become territorial culture.

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In Expo 2015:
4 – 10 / 9
Cavit is a second-level co-operative, in other words a co-operative of co-operatives, which brings together 11 Trentino’s co-operative cellars. Cavit has over 4,500 winegrowers amongst its associate members, who represent 60% of all wine production in Trentino.
Both wine and sparkling wine cellars are located in Ravina, just outside Trento, the capital of Trentino. The company’s representative centre is Maso Toresella, an old villa surrounded by
vineyards. Founded in the sixteenth century by the Prince Bishops of Trento who used it as a summer residence, it covers a total area of 6.5 hectares on the banks of Lake Toblino and is one of the “masi” (rural estates) with the most history in the whole Trentino.

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Dolomiti Fruits In Expo 2015:
9 – 15 / 10
The company is located in Val di Non, a valley in the heart of the Trentino region, which is famous for growing and producing the best apples in Italy.
Thanks to the conformation and dislocation of the ground and to the varieties that are grown, the apples of this region are some of the best to be produced in Europe, due to their organoleptic and
crunchiness properties. An important decision was made by the company founders, who strongly believed both in the quality of their products and in the bond with their land: they decided to bring an apples processing industry in the same area where they are grown.
Dolomiti Fruits was born to process apples but then spread to other fruits, that are all strictly chosen and processed. Only the best apples, pears, apricots, cherries, grapes, berries, strawberries and kiwis become Dolomiti Fruits’ juices, pulps and purees.

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In Expo 2015:
25 / 9 – 1 / 10

Melinda stands for excellent apples but it is also a large consortium of 16 cooperatives that bring together over 4.000 small-scale farmers covering around 6.500 hectares of apple orchards in the Val di Non and Val di Sole (the Noce Valleys) area of Trentino.

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mezza_BORDEAUX In Expo 2015:
16 – 22 / 10

Since 1904 Mezzacorona has crafted its own vineyards in the valleys of Trentino Alto Adige giving birth to fine and special wines which are as unique and authentic as this alpine land. Mezzacorona wines are the fruit of a careful attention given to the exclusive characteristics of each vine varietal: their aromas and balanced profile reflect and express the Dolomitic climate and soil in which they are born.

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Logo Felicetti stampa
In Expo 2015:
18 – 24 / 9
For more than a century the history of pasta making and the history of our family have been inseparably intertwined. It took fourth generations and finally our grandfather Valentino’s vision, which saw his small workshop grow into a successful company that is well-known for its quality products the world over, has come true.

The desire to make something of the highest quality while being willing to constantly learn, to trust in a vision, to be open to new challenges without ever losing sight of what is in our heart are the most important tools to create quality, without ever being content with what has already been achieved.

These are the values that shape our future, day by day.

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In Expo 2015:
7 – 13 / 8
23 – 29 / 10

750 km of fabulous pistes with enchanting landscapes and ultra-modern ski-lifts.

Dolomiti Superski and Skirama let you experience the incredible emotion of skiing, with safety, fun, the most advanced technology, in touch with a pristine nature.

Transform your skiing vacation in a unique experience!

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In Expo 2015:
14 – 20 / 8
The company Sottobosco Paoli, has its headquarters in the Valsugana valley, in the northeast region of Italy called Trentino Alto Adige. This area of Trentino is located at the door of an enchanted valley called Valle dei Mòcheni, crossed by the clear and pure waters of the Fersina mountain creek, still inhabited by trouts and many other native alpine species. In this area, where mass tourism has not yet penetrated, you can admire the extraordinary force of nature: vast expanses of green lawns and luxuriant mountains covered with larches, white firs and beeches. Huge rough grazing areas, small mountain creeks, alpine lakes.

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In Expo 2015:
21 – 27 / 8
11 – 17 / 9

Clear, fresh, sweet water… naturally, in Trentino

Trentino is a land rich of spas, set in unique natural environments.

The purity of the water that flows in the Trentino’s spas cure many pathologies, like psoriasis, dermatitis, poor circulation, respiratory infections, digestive system and disorders and rheumatic diseases. Choose Trentino’s spas to take care of your body and mind naturally!

Choose to treat yourself naturally in Trentino because Trentino means Spas and health!

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In Expo 2015:
28 / 8 – 3 / 9
Trentingrana DOP: the story of a cheese without frontiers
Trentingrana DOP is a mountain cheese made from milk coming exclusively from farms in the Trentino region and its specificity has been recognized by a Decree of the Italian President.

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Adige - BLM Group
Technological Sponsor

Adige spa and Adige-Sys Spa, companies based in Levico Terme, specializing in the production of  tube processing machines, are part of a broader industry group called BLMGROUP.

BLMGROUP is an international group with a global presence, which offers itself as a partner for the whole manufacturing process of metal tubes and in particular for the technologies of tube and metal sheet laser cutting, tube sawing, bending and end-forming.

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