Dolomiti Fruits

Dolomiti Fruits

is a young and dynamic company specialized in the production of high quality fruit juices and purees. The company is located in Val di Non, a valley in the heart of the Trentino region. The plants are sourrounded by apple orchards in a natural, healthy and safe environment. The facility, which is modern and ecofriendly, has been built in compliance with the highest quality and safety standards.


The innovative management of production, processing and product preservation phases is possible tanks to state-of-the-art technological equipments. Dolomiti Fruits pays great attention to the materials employed. We use fruits and vegetables grown in Italy, particularly those coming from organic and biodynamic farming. Our products are available in tanks or aseptic containers and can be exported all over the world, through road, ship or flight transport, according to the client’s needs.


Our clients are bottling companies, fruit juices and soft drinks resellers, cider and derivatives producers, semi-finished food and beverage producers. Dolomiti Fruits has the main characteristics of a major industry such as its organization, technologies and equipments, but maintains the flexibility, the attention to quality and the authenticity of a small/average sized company.


Dolomiti Fruits Srl

Loc. Campagna n. 3 – 38010 Nanno (TN) – Italy





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