Mezzacorona: wines from the Dolomites

Since 1904 Mezzacorona has crafted its own vineyards in the valleys of Trentino Alto Adige giving birth to fine and special wines which are as unique and authentic as this alpine land. Mezzacorona wines are the fruit of a careful attention given to the exclusive characteristics of each vine varietal: their aromas and balanced profile reflect and express the Dolomitic climate and soil in which they are born.At Mezzacorona generations of families have chosen to operate with respect to the environment adopting sustainable and integrated production techniques, thus producing genuine products.

A passionate and skillful team of oenologists and agronomists work day by day in close contact with our vine growers following the entire product life cycle, in the vineyards care, during harvesting and up to the bottling phase.

The state-of-the-art winery has been designed and build with the respect to the environment and is perfectly integrated with the surrounding territory.  Its architecture has a distinctive wavy roof, reminiscent of the trellised pattern of our vines, called “pergola trentina”.

From the same heritage of tradition and passion, we have crafted Rotari, our elegant and contemporary Trentodoc sparkling wine. Gruppo Mezzacorona’s jewel, Rotari Trentodoc delivers unique aromas and fragrances, which reflect the exclusive characteristics of the climate of our Dolomitic valleys. Rotari is produced following the traditional and renowned Metodo Classico process.


Product ranges

Caster Firmian: a story of Trentino

Trentino is one of the best wine regions in the world. At the foot of the Dolomites, our grapes benefit from the alpine climate, which designs the balanced bouquet and the aromatic intensity of Castel Firmian wines. With their balanced bouquet and aromatic intensity, they are true expression of Trentino history and wine making tradition, where genuine fruits become special wines.


NOS is the pinnacle of Mezzacorona quality: this wine is produced in limited bottles and only in the best vintages from manually harvested grapes, which derive from the finest vineyards in the traditional “Teroldego DOC” area, the “Piana Rotaliana”.

Le Riserve

Mezzacorona Castel Firmian Riserve are exclusively produced in the best vintages from manually harvested grapes of the best and most traditional vineyards.  They are balanced wines with a pleasantly structured body and wide aromatic profiles, where the fruity notes blend with the kind and spicy hints deriving from the accurate refinement in wood.

Rotari Trentodoc

Somewhere between story and legend, Rotari took its name from the Lombard “King Rotari”, who conducted many military campaigns in Trentino and brought almost all of Northern Italy.

In the heart of the Dolomites, among the enchanting hills and valleys of the Trentino region, Rotari has been crafted as an elegant and contemporary sparkling wine, reflecting the unique characteristics of the climate of our Alpine valley. All Rotari sparkling wines carry the seal of Trentodoc and are produced following the oldest and most prestigious method of the second fermentation in the bottle, known as Metodo Classico. Rotari is the perfect complement to the international cuisine and constantly receives positive rating and accolades for it quality all over the world. To know more, visit the dedicated website


Mezzacorona: wines from the Dolomites

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