Sottobosco Paoli

Sottobosco Paoli

The company Sottobosco Paoli, has its headquarters in the Valsugana valley, in the northeast region of Italy called Trentino Alto Adige. This area of Trentino is located at the door of an enchanted valley called Valle dei Mòcheni, crossed by the clear and pure waters of the Fersina mountain creek, still inhabited by trouts and many other native alpine species. In this area, where mass tourism has not yet penetrated, you can admire the extraordinary force of nature: vast expanses of green lawns and luxuriant mountains covered with larches, white firs and beeches. Huge rough grazing areas, small mountain creeks, alpine lakes. This is why our mission statement is also dedicated to nature.

Our Values

Our mission is transmitting our customers our love for the place we live in, enclosing all the taste of nature in the bottles and jars we produce every day and offering our genuine products to conscious consumers.

All our products are obtained from cold-pressed whole fruit, not form concentrated juices. Our blueberries and cranberries are wild, not from cultivation, they are smaller and tastier, and bestow our products a unique taste. In order to preserve our fruit’s natural taste, we don’t use any kind of additives and preservatives, but the flash pasteurization process our products undergo allow us to obtain a three-year shelf life without need to add preservative substances.

What you find in our bottles and jars is just fruit, water and cane sugar or fructose. And the passion of the people who work here, of course. Season and weather permitting, our raw materials are preferably produced in Italy, so as to preserve their quality and pure taste. When we have to buy fruit and vegetables outside Italy, we exclusively import from Europe.


Our history

In 1999 Ugo Paoli the company, Sottobosco Paoli, after a long experience in the fruit and vegetable market. He starts with an external production, storing his products in little warehouses close to his house. Business was flourishing, and in 2005 the company to start its own in-house production in the new premises in Civezzano, a little town near Trento.

After years of successful business, cooperating with the major distribution chains in Italy, the company decides to look abroad as a new frontier, and the company starts the internationalization process that will allow it to export his products outside Italy.

Thanks to significant investments in mechanization and to the renewal of the product image the company is able to maximize his production capacity, in spite of the small number of staff.


Since 2013 the company is registered with the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA), essential to export in the US. In 2014 the company obtains the British Retail Consortium certification (BRC) with grade A, and the International Featured Standards certification (IFS). Thanks to the certifications achieved, our products are now present in Japan, Singapore, US, Canada, Israel, Middle East, UK, France and Ireland.

Our Products

The company Sottobosco Paoli produces and distributes a large number of products obtained from fruits. Our core business are natural berry nectars, especially wild blueberry nectars, products from which the company has started its production. Besides the nectars, which contain between 45% and 65% of fruit, the company has developed a wide range of products, like fruit drinks, extra jams, with 75% of fruit, fruit compotes and fruit creams with 100% of fruit, with no sugar added. Moreover, in the shop near the factory, we sell also many other products destined to local consumption, like risotto, cornmeal mushes and honeys.


Verde Paoli: In 2012, from an idea of the owner while having a drink with some friends, the new brand VerdePaoli was born. The new products are proposed as pre-dinner drinks, and are obtained from the infusion of basil, sage or celery leaves. From a mix of these infusions, lemon juice and cane sugar, we produce these green drinks, delicious to drink with ice or in accompaniment to prosecco wine or vodka.


Sottobosco Paoli di Paoli Ugo

Via Sille 1, 38045

Civezzano, Trento


T. +39 0461 857041

Fax +39 0461 857764

Ugo Paoli – Owner and Managing Director

Sara Sanvito – Sales Manager

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