Trentingrana DOP: the story of a cheese without frontiers

Trentingrana DOP is a mountain cheese made from milk coming exclusively from farms in the Trentino region and its specificity has been recognized by a Decree of the Italian President (DPR no.3181 of 26/01/87).


The Consorzio dei Caseifici Sociali e dei Produttori latte trentini (Consortium of Dairies and Milk producers of the Trentino region) came into being in 1951 as a 2nd class Consortium amongst the Trentino Dairies. In 1973, a Consortium was formed by the producers of Grana cheese, called TRENTINGRANA, with the aim of promoting the marketing of this product.


In 1993 the two Consortia merged to form Trentingrana – CON.CA.S.T. s.c.a.r.l. to which 17 dairies belong today.


The Consortium works to guarantee protecting the quality and typical character of the local dairy products through functions of coordination, assistance, regulation, control and development of the activities of the member small and medium-sized farms and dairy cooperatives.

The cheese is still made using traditional methods whilst modern technologies guarantee that hygiene and health regulations are respected.


No additives are used in processing the milk: the production of  Trentingrana DOP follows the “ONLY MILK-HAY” logic, i.e. it is made using milk from cows which have been fed exclusively on forage and NON-GMO fodder authorized by the Consortium which, thanks to this can show ”only milk, salt and rennet” as the ingredients, no preservatives being necessary, although allowed.


Skimming by natural surfacing, cooking, brining and a long and patient ripening – from 18 to 24 months and longer – with strict quality controls on every cheese, complete the production cycle.


Gruppo Formaggi del Trentino – Linea Trentingrana

Via della Cooperazione, 4

38012 Segno di Predaia – Val di Non (Trento) – Italy

T. +39 0463 469256
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Formaggi del Trentino

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