Travelling to Expo

Visiting Expo Milano 2015, a sustainable experience

I treni per Expo Milano 2015



Visiting Expo is first of all a personal experience for everyone who cares about the challenging themes of the Universal Exhibition: nutrition and the sustainability of our model of growth. The Autonomous Province of Trento took the decision, based on the value of sustainability, to put in place a sustainable transportation with low environmental and social impact, to and from Expo Milano 2015.

Starting from the beginning of Expo, 1 May, until the end of the event, 31 October 2015, there will be available two low-impact services: a special train from Trento to Milan and the Euregio Bus.

The goal is simple: giving the possibility to visitors from Trentino to reach Milan with public transport, in order to avoid a traffic and pollution increase.

The special train will connect, on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) Trentino with Milano and Expo 2015. On early morning the train will leave Trento for Milan and Expo, and will stop only in Rovereto, Ala, Peschiera del Garda, Desenzano and Brescia. In the late afternoon there will be a return train, with the same stops. The journey-time is competitive (as much as with the “Frecce”), like the ticket cost: just 17€ (half the price of the one with the “Frecce”).

The five locations dedicated to the promotion of Trentino during Expo (Piazzetta Trentino, Convivio, Wine Pavilion in Milan and the Concept Stores at the Albere Palace in Trento and at Mart in Rovereto) will also be connected with road transport, thanks to the Euregio Bus. Here the schedule will be different: the service is every day and will leave Innsbruck and stop on Bolzano, Trento, Rovereto and Milan Rho, returning in the late afternoon.


From Trento to Expo with the fast trains of Trentino Trasporti

I treni di Trentino Trasporti per Expo Milano 2015

It’s official: the service will run starting from 2 May until 31 October, with two journeys on weekends

Think about a day at Expo Milano 2015. A day with your family, without worrying about traffic jams, parking spaces or tickets. Departing from Trento or Rovereto with a special train, a fast train of Trentino Trasporti that in just three hours, passing through Ala, Peschiera del Garda, Desenzano and Brescia, brings you straight to the Universal Exhibition. All this is made possible by to a recently signed agreement between the Autonomous Province of Trento and Trenitalia.

Starting from 2 May until 31 October two journeys (round-trip) on Saturdays and Sundays will directly connect Trentino with Expo. The trains leave at 7.03 and at 10.05 the passengers are at Expo. Coming back is set at 18.47, and the arrival in Trento is scheduled at 21.55. The duration and the services are like on the “Freccia” trains (pick the colour you prefer!) but with a difference: the ticket price won’t be 30€ but 17,75€. Isn’t that enough? Check the schedule and prices!

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